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Summer Theatre

Even though I was a little depressed that my parents wouldn’t let do a theatre intensive or camp because it’s too expensive. I am however doing a production of Avenue Q this summer!!!! I am so excited I really hope that I get a part in this one (my goal this year is to get a part with a name)!!!

I'm so excited I get to be in this musical

I’m so excited I get to be in this musical


A message for everyone

Happy Spring Break! Due to the fact that most of my friends are on vacation I’ve been alone for a couple of days which has given me some time to think. I’ve been thinking about life and my future and how unsure it is. Two years ago I was a freshman and I was so sure of my life I had my future tied up into a nice little package. Graduate high school then get into AMDA or NYU then become an actress or lyricist on Broadway. Obviously I was very young and naive, but now I understand how difficult it is to really be an actress. Here’s an example My high school recently put on a fabulous production of West Side Story and I remember every part of my audition. My vocal audition was without a doubt horrible and my dance was no better my acting was the only part I felt confident about, but as I watched others go through their acting I realized how much better I could’ve been. If there were cuts in this show I am sure that I would’ve been one of the first to be cut. I feel as though I would be so easily overlooked in the professional world because I lack almost everything a Broadway actress has: beautiful lines when they dance, powerful vocals, and amazing stage presence. So I am left with two choices either sit here and sulk or try to better myself in order to gain these qualities. So I am enrolling in dance classes next year and getting a voice and acting coach this summer. Even if this specific situation isn’t the same as yours the message I want to send is applicable to almost everything in life. If you want something (I mean you really want it with all your heart) you have to go for it and be willing to go through some serious sh*t to do it!

Hello people

Hello, my name is Briana and welcome to my journey. Come back every week for new posts!!!

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