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Why do we keep doing this to ourselves

It seems to me that all humans want to is tear themselves down and make themselves feel awful. Why can’t we all just love ourselves and make our definition of beauty internal and love what we see in the mirror. We always create the image of the “perfect” version of us based off of what we see on t.v. and extremely edited photos in magazines, but it’s not their fault. We are the ones  that choose to see only certain features as beautiful and then make ourselves and others feel bad when they don’t contain those features. Why can’t we celebrate all types of people and love ourselves and each other. These are just the thoughts running through my mind on a Saturday night. Goodnight you guys (I just had to get that off my chest)

…Love yourself… Be your own version of beauty… and all that jazz ♡♫✌☺


Dance Moms is giving me fever

So I just finished watching the new episode of Dance Moms and I’m about to rant like crazy. Before I go off yes I do know this sow is ridiculously edited to create drama that really isn’t there.

Let me start off with this Mackenzie and Asia debate that has been going on forever. Asia and Mackenzie are different types of dancers. Asia does sassy jazz and Mac does cutesy acro solos and there is nothing wrong with that. On that day Asia won does that mean that she’s the best dancer in the entire world… NO! Competitive dance shows how well you are dancing on that day and plus they both have 11+ years to improve.  One thing that everybody needs to realize is these are children NOT professional dancers they’re allowed to make mistakes and learn from them!

Now on to the real reason why this show is giving me fever! Chloe and Maddie are given the same solo which sounds like a simple experiment. Yes Christie was right when she sad it was catered to Maddie (It’s lyrical and lets face it that’s Maddie’s style of dance), but there was no need for the theatrics with Jill spying on Maddie at her privates. Maddie is a student she is allowed to have privates to work on her solo if her mom lies about it and you know she’s lying just leave it alone. Another thing I was wondering was is this the only entertainment they have at 1 o clock on a weekday? 

When I say the two solos I thought they were great I’m not a diehard Maddie or Chloe fan I support all the girls, but personally I thought Chloe did better technicality wise (she has a natural dancers body so in comparison she looks better), but Maddie had the emotion. In the end Chloe won, the judges thought she was better THAT DAY AT THAT COMPETITION! Then of course Abby is upset and has the nerve to say she’s surprised Chloe won!?!? Chloe is one of your students didn’t you train her so she could win and be successful? So she has the scores checked and OMG it just so happens that Chloe didn’t really win Maddie did then all is well in Abby and Melissa’s world.

What really hurt me was to see Chloe cry when any of the girls cry my heart breaks for them. She danced very well and was given a complete confidence boost only to get that taken away from her! There was really no need for Abby to confront the Judges, but I’m not even going to go there tonight. To me all the adults are 100x pettier than their children.

… This is why I wish Dance Moms Miami was back (They were crazy stage moms but they were never this petty)… 

My Opinion of the Tony’s so far…

This is a commercial break so I have to be quick. Cinderella’s win for best costume design was well deserved. Bring It On’s performance had great energy but the vocals were rough in some places but Matilda’s performance is the one to beat. Introducing characters to present the winners is a great new touch. Still torn between Kinky Boots, Matilda, and Pippin. It’s on again I got to go.


Okay, So I know I have not dedicated as much time to this blog as much as I would like to, but I just need to get some feelings out. This year has taught me so much about people and how they treat others. I have realized that so many people have hidden motives and don’t really want to help you just for the sake of helping you. Take for example volunteering for the past couple of years I have volunteered at a camp because I love kids. Every kid I talk to who volunteers only cares about hours and validation awards and appreciation. My school like most schools has to face the facts and lay off tons of teachers 70% of those teachers laid off are from the music department, So the board of education decides to award all these music kids publicly even though some of our favorite teachers are getting laid off. Why does everything have to be political and mechanical? Why can’t we just be loving? I just want to have hope for human kind again.

tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

I’ll start my diet TOMORROW.

I’ll become a better person TOMMORROW.

I’ll study for that test TOMMORROW.

But I’ll live for TODAY TOMORROW.

… If you can’t start today what’s the point of doing it all…


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