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Too Much

Hey guys I know this isn’t theatre related but I need to vent about some stuff that has recently gone on. I posted a picture about a week ago asking for you guys to keep Talia in your thoughts.


Unfortunately she lost her battle with cancer and died this morning at about 11:22 and I seriously don’t know how to feel about it. I am happy that she is free from suffering and in a better place but I am so angry that such a wonderful innocent person has been removed from this earth so soon. I just don’t understand why the universe is so cruel. I just keep imagining all the amazing things she could have continued to do if she were alive, but she has taught us all an important lesson “Just Keep Swimming.”


Another death has also recently happened Cory Monteith star of Glee died in a hotel room in Vancouver due to a heroin and alcohol overdose.


It’s so sad to see a life ended too soon due to drugs he was an inspiration and idol to many and he will be missed. I can’t imagine the pain Lea and his family are going through. He had so much potential so much he could have done and drugs ruined that. 


Emotions are really running high this week and even though we don’t personally know Talia or Cory They have both taught us important lessons and hopefully continue to inspire others. Rest In Paradise.


Pray for Talia

Everybody please keep Talia Joy and her family in your prayers.


Improving your skills without a coach

Hey guys I haven’t posted in a while because I’m starting a new show Avenue Q: school edition and I’m a Bad Idea Bear! Its been a fun experience so far and this is the biggest role I’ve had so far so I want to make sure I do well. That was just a quick update on my life so far so I wanted to talk to you about improving your skills (Acting and singing) without a vocal or acting coach.

If you have the ability to get a voice or acting coach I advise you to get one (even if you can   only meet with them once a month). Some other people don’t really have that luxury (cough cough me cough) but I still try to improve. So here are some tips on improving vocals

1) During the school year join chorus and ask your chorus teacher to help you practice. (If you don’t have choir in your school never mind)

2) Use YouTube to learn about breathing technique (all of them are pretty good)

3) After getting your breathing technique down you have to make sure you sing everyday for at least an hour (20 minutes of warm ups [there are tons on YouTube] and 40 of actual singing)

4) For your actual singing choose two songs one that is easy for you and one that’s a little difficult (but don’t go too far out your range)

5) Film or record yourself sing the song that is easy and the song that is hard and critique yourself (if you have a chorus teacher ask them to listen to it and give you some of their input)

6) Don’t try to sound like the singer on the song because they are being auto tuned or tweaked in some way [don’t try to sing along with a live performance either speakers also tweak the voice in certain ways] (I suggest trying to find the instrumental of a song and sing along with that for your singing time)

7) Try to audition for as many musicals/ showcases as possible even if you know you won’t get cast/chosen its a performance opportunity!

Tips for acting:

1) Find 5 monologues [a modern day comedic, a modern day dramatic, a classical comedic, a classical dramatic, and a Shakespearean monologue]

2) Spend at least an hour a day and during that hour choose 2 different monologues to do

3) Read both monologues film you reading them.

4)Come up with a back story to your character [don’t look it up] and take some time to really   develop your character ask questions like: where did they come from? what are they feeling at this moment? how old are they? what is making them feel this way? What does this character look like?(no, he/she doesn’t have to look like you) 

5) After developing the back story for this person film yourself again doing those to monologues.

6) Watch your before and after videos and you’ll notice a big improvement but I suggest you still critique your after monologues. 

7) Try to audition for as many plays as possible even if you know you won’t get cast its a performance opportunity!

ImageHope it helped you guys and If you want any tips on other things please comment.


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