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Too Much

Hey guys I know this isn’t theatre related but I need to vent about some stuff that has recently gone on. I posted a picture about a week ago asking for you guys to keep Talia in your thoughts.


Unfortunately she lost her battle with cancer and died this morning at about 11:22 and I seriously don’t know how to feel about it. I am happy that she is free from suffering and in a better place but I am so angry that such a wonderful innocent person has been removed from this earth so soon. I just don’t understand why the universe is so cruel. I just keep imagining all the amazing things she could have continued to do if she were alive, but she has taught us all an important lesson “Just Keep Swimming.”


Another death has also recently happened Cory Monteith star of Glee died in a hotel room in Vancouver due to a heroin and alcohol overdose.


It’s so sad to see a life ended too soon due to drugs he was an inspiration and idol to many and he will be missed. I can’t imagine the pain Lea and his family are going through. He had so much potential so much he could have done and drugs ruined that. 


Emotions are really running high this week and even though we don’t personally know Talia or Cory They have both taught us important lessons and hopefully continue to inspire others. Rest In Paradise.


Why do we keep doing this to ourselves

It seems to me that all humans want to is tear themselves down and make themselves feel awful. Why can’t we all just love ourselves and make our definition of beauty internal and love what we see in the mirror. We always create the image of the “perfect” version of us based off of what we see on t.v. and extremely edited photos in magazines, but it’s not their fault. We are the ones  that choose to see only certain features as beautiful and then make ourselves and others feel bad when they don’t contain those features. Why can’t we celebrate all types of people and love ourselves and each other. These are just the thoughts running through my mind on a Saturday night. Goodnight you guys (I just had to get that off my chest)

…Love yourself… Be your own version of beauty… and all that jazz ♡♫✌☺

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