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Okay, So I know I have not dedicated as much time to this blog as much as I would like to, but I just need to get some feelings out. This year has taught me so much about people and how they treat others. I have realized that so many people have hidden motives and don’t really want to help you just for the sake of helping you. Take for example volunteering for the past couple of years I have volunteered at a camp because I love kids. Every kid I talk to who volunteers only cares about hours and validation awards and appreciation. My school like most schools has to face the facts and lay off tons of teachers 70% of those teachers laid off are from the music department, So the board of education decides to award all these music kids publicly even though some of our favorite teachers are getting laid off. Why does everything have to be political and mechanical? Why can’t we just be loving? I just want to have hope for human kind again.


tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

I’ll start my diet TOMORROW.

I’ll become a better person TOMMORROW.

I’ll study for that test TOMMORROW.

But I’ll live for TODAY TOMORROW.

… If you can’t start today what’s the point of doing it all…


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