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Why do we keep doing this to ourselves

It seems to me that all humans want to is tear themselves down and make themselves feel awful. Why can’t we all just love ourselves and make our definition of beauty internal and love what we see in the mirror. We always create the image of the “perfect” version of us based off of what we see on t.v. and extremely edited photos in magazines, but it’s not their fault. We are the ones  that choose to see only certain features as beautiful and then make ourselves and others feel bad when they don’t contain those features. Why can’t we celebrate all types of people and love ourselves and each other. These are just the thoughts running through my mind on a Saturday night. Goodnight you guys (I just had to get that off my chest)

…Love yourself… Be your own version of beauty… and all that jazz ♡♫✌☺


tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

I’ll start my diet TOMORROW.

I’ll become a better person TOMMORROW.

I’ll study for that test TOMMORROW.

But I’ll live for TODAY TOMORROW.

… If you can’t start today what’s the point of doing it all…


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